XXI Grand Fondo Ayuntamiento de Huerto Tajar 26 May 2018

26 May 2018, the 21st Asparagus 10km Race of Huerto Tajar started promptly at 19:30 hours; 800 runners women and men left the starting line.  Considered a flat course, the athletes at the finished line proved by the way they were coming in, that the spirit of competitiveness was great; the first runner came at 32 minutes.

I had an enviable spot right at the finish line and by the minute 45 the group of runners coming in augmented in mass, colour and action, sprinting to the very finish blue mat where the timing chips were recorded gave a wonderful spectacle.  As more and more runners were pouring in fast, the goats appeared, they were running with the competitors mixing in as they crossed the finish line and over the blue mat.  This run of athletes and goats went on for quite some time until the goat herder appeared at last trailing his goats and some late runners; a great show indeed.  This race this years should be named ‘Running of the Goats’.