Visual Journaling and Mural Painting with Anel – 27-30 September 2018

Spent a fabulous 6 days with my friend Anel Stricker-Bessenger when she visited us at Cortijo Los Olivos CTTC to explore the possibility of holding Visual Journaling workshops here in the future. 

We spent a lovely day at the Al Hambra Palace in Granada, followed by 2 days where Anel took me through the visual journaling workshop course and taught me some new techniques to grow my visual language as well as create my personal journal book.   I found this really fun, relaxing and very empowering as it allowed me to express myself and make my own marks to translate what I saw and experienced at the Al Hambra and during a walk around the countryside near our cortijo into my personal journal. 

Watch this space……we hope to provide dates for the ‘official’ Visual Journaling Retreat as soon as possible.