Espárragos Run - Huetor Tajar

Part of the Circuito de Granada the Asparagus Run has been going for 22 years and as continues to be as popular as ever and once again proved to be a well organised and a fun event. I really enjoying taking part in this event for the second time and this year Julio also took part for the first time.

Summer has arrived and the temperatures are rising in Southern Spain but there is still a coolness in the air and luckily, we did have some cloud cover so although still very hot at 7.30pm it was not as hot as the previous year. I set off at a reasonable pace (for me) and I think I managed to maintain this pretty much throughout the run, finishing with a time of 1.02.17. Julio also had a good run (passing me at around 1km mark) and finishing with a time of 00.55.30. The route was the same as last year which is relatively flat as we passed through centre of town, where we had lots of support from onlookers. It then went around the periphery of the town and out into the country/campo. There were a few ups and downs as we went over a couple of bridges out of and into town before coming back into town to nearby the sports/swimming pool centre where the finish line was placed. Sadly, no goats this year, I think Mr Goat Herder had learned his lesson from last year and kept them safely out of the way!

Janice’s Stats:
Category: VETERANS E – F.
Position in General Category: 9.
Distance: 10.0m.
Pace: 6:13 min / km.

Julio’s Stats:
Category: VETERANS H – M.
Position in Age Group category: 1.
Distance: 10.0m.
Pace: 5:33 min / km.

As is usual we received a finishing ticket which we handed in for our t-shirt and bundle of asparagus. We then availed ourselves of the free beer and watched the presentation in the park. One of our friends, Jess, got second overall female, and was presented with a large box of asparagus. This even is unique in that the winners receive their body weight in asparagus. Jess had too much asparagus and so we came away from the event with quite a few bundles so this week it is asparagus quiche, asparagus omelette, asparagus reuletata.

Finished the evening with a beer at the local bar with Jess, Claire, who completed her first ever 10 km and running race, her husband, John plus other family and friends. Lovely way to end an enjoyable race and day in Southern Spain.