7 Days Road Cycling Tour


Tour Alcala la Real

7-Day Road Tour in Andalucia


DAY 1: If you are coming through Malaga, you willl be picked up between 13:00 and 17:00 hours; a guide will be at the arrivals lobby with a sign. From here you will be transported to our hotel to put bikes together, rest, have dinner, and spend the night – there will be a briefing after dinner. Wake up at 07:00 for breakfast (typical every day) and get ready to be transported to the START of our 1st Ride.

Day 2 - 1st Ride

We start at the Botanical Gardens at Pantano del Agujero, Malaga, and finish in Riofrio at our hotel to dine and spend the night. This is a beautiful ride through typical Sierra country.

Length: 93 km
Terrain: Road
Ascent: 2472m (26.7 m per km)
Descent: 2058m (22.2 m per km)
Hills: up 47.48%, down 44.95%, flat 7.57%


Day 3 - 2nd Ride

We head to Los Olivos Cycling & Triathlon Training Camp. We ride through several Andalusian villages, stop for lunch in Iznajar and admire this famous village overlooking its fresh water reservoir.

Length: 95 km
Terrain: Road
Ascent: 2391m (25.2 m per km)
Descent: 2058m (20.1 m per km)
Hills: up 53.04%, down 40.32%, flat 6.64%


Day 4 - 3rd Ride

Today we will experience the Sierra Sur de Jaen with its ascends and descends before we stop in Alcala la Real for a coffee break before returning to Los Olivos Cycling and Triathlon Training Camp.

Length: 121 km
Terrain: Road
Ascent: 2944m (24.4 m per km)
Descent: 2944m (24.4 m per km)
Hills: up 46.42%, down 47.69%, flat 5.89%

Day 5 - 4th Ride

A loop that will take us through typical olive country. We finish back at Los Olivos Cycling & Triathlon Training Camp to dine and rest for the night. There will be transportation into the town 6km away should you choose to wander there a little.

Length: 87 km
Terrain: Road
Ascent: 1863m (21.4 m per km)
Descent: 1861m (21.4 m per km)
Hills: up 46.38%, down 45.55%, flat 8.07%

Day 6 - 5th / Final Ride

Again, after breakfast we start from our base Los Olivos CTTC and back. There will be a small dinner party with videos/slides of the tour to be shared with everybody. There will be time to pack your bikes and other luggage in the morning before being taken back to Malaga Airport for your departure so relax tonight.

Length: 116 km
Terrain: Road
Ascent: 2375m (20.5 m per km)
Descent: 2375m (20.5 m per km)
Hills: up 45.53%, down 44.21%, flat 10.26%

Day 7 - End of Tour

Breakfast, packing bikes and luggage and transportation to airport.

This Tour has a total distance of 512 km with a total climbing elevation of 12,045 m.

Tour Details

Price per rider is with Room Sharing and inclusive of VAT – booking deposit is € 250. The booking deposit is 95% refundable if canceled not later than 5 days after reservation and deposit have been made. Full payment to be made within 10 days of booking. No refunds upon cancellation after full payment has been made, however, if you are not able to come after having paid in full, don’t worry, your place will be saved for you for one year.

Minimum of 4 cyclists and a maximum of 8; book 60 days in advance!



Malaga airport transport with your bikes, dinner and breakfast, support vehicle with water and fruit; road and GPS information.



Cyclists must have medical and personal accident insurance that includes cover for sports activities – must include road cycling and/or mountain biking, and repatriation to home country.


Recommended gear ratio: compact or semi-compact with 11-28 cassette.


Flights, bike, lunch, personal travel insurance, shoes, helmet, clothing.


There is an excellent bike shop in town that will assemble your bike for a €17 and supply spare parts, however, we suggest that you bring with you any spare part you think is special to your bike and that may prove difficult to obtain quickly in any standard bike shop. CO2 cartridges, spare tubes and spare tyres will be available on the support vehicle at reasonable prices.


Bike Hire

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