Great to be back on our road bikes again

Amaizing but you never miss itunless it is taken from you. The Covid 19 pandemic lockdown here in Spain has been pretty strict and restrictions on people movement started in early March. We of course have been confined to our home (luckily we live in the countryside) and riding bikecycles has been forbidden until just recently when Andalucia, as an authoomous¬†communitry went into phase 2 as per Government latest orders. Phase 2 enabled us to get back on our bikes and last week we had our ‘Back on our road bikes’ day.

We had a fantastic time, started early morning Janice and I, and rode for 3 hours in manificent weather. Although this week is forcasted rain and more rain, we knnow that in three to four days we’ll be out there on our bikes again, so a time for indoor activities, reading and relaxing won’t be so bad.