Benalmadena, Malaga, Triathlon 19 May 2019

First event of the year for us!  Although not feeling totally unprepared, Julio and I looked forward to competing in our first triathlon of the season and, also seeing the team members again after a long hiatus. 

We arrived the day before and had a room booked in a small hotel/apartment near to the marina where the event was being held.  We collected our dorsales/numbers in Torremolinos on our way into Benalmadena to save time on the day. 

The day was hot, although not too hot, but the sea water was extremely cold at 15 degrees.  It was a wetsuit swim, however, when you put your face in the water it took your breath away. 

I started off and at first found it challenging to get my breathing right due to the cold but after the first buoy manged to get into a rhythm and completed the swim without too much panic which is a plus for me.   Julio enjoyed the swim and was not too put off with the cold water.    On the bike I set off and was going fine until a group of testosterone-loaded men went past and one manged to hook my handlebars and took us both down.   The only plus was I landed on top of him so not too much road rash and after untangling ourselves we both managed to set off uphill with a push from a kind policeman.  I was slightly surprised that the guy did not seem very apologetic and just set off without so much as a sorry, like it was my fault!!!!   Julio also enjoyed the bike route and did not experience any issues and started his run with energy and enjoyed the run route.  I started the run feeling a bit lacking in energy but then got into a rhythm and although not fast I felt comfortable and finished feeling good. 

Julio did well and came first in his age group and I came second in my age group with our team finishing second overall as well.   Other team members also placed in their age groups so a good day out for TT Horticola Iliturgitana (Training Tri). 

Janice’s Stats: Category: V2F

Position in Category: 2 

Julio’s Stats: Category: V4M

Position in Category: 1