Asparagus Run-Huetor Tajar

Part of the Circuito de Granada the Asparagus run has been going for 21 years and as I found out is a very popular event with around 800 participants.  Top marks for organization and a fun event.  I am really enjoying taking part in these local races as they are competitive but have a lovely atmosphere and community feel to them.

Summer has still not really arrived in Southern Spain but ‘sods law’ it was very hot for the race which started at 7.30pm in the evening.   I set off at a reasonable pace (for me) but have to say slowed considerably as the race progressed as I was very hot.  The route was relatively flat as we passed through center of town, where we had lots of support from onlookers.  It then went around the periphery of the town and out into the country/campo.  There were a few ups and downs as we went over a couple of bridges out of and into town before coming back into town to the sports/swimming pool center where the finish line was placed.   Had to compete with a goat at the finish line but I think I managed to prevail in the end and Mrs Goat was soundly beaten (*smiles*).

Got my finishing ticket and picked up my t-shirt and more importantly our dinner for tomorrow a bundle of fresh asparagus.

Went for a shower and have to say the facilities were excellent and it was so nice to be able to freshen up after the race.

Julio went to put my bag in the car and Tonie and I went to avail ourselves of some free coke and beer!  Love these events where you do not have to have tickets or proof of running to pick up a drink, they just accept that you are part of the event and you help yourself.  So friendly and informal.  Love it.

Finished a nice evening with Tonie, her son Oliver and Julio, having pizza at a local bar whilst Julio enjoyed watching the European Champions League final…or something like that. All I know is that Liverpool was beaten by Real Madrid so the atmosphere at the bar was understandably happy.